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Beijing Bethel Superhard Material Co., Ltd. was established on 1999. Our company falls under the industry of super hard materials, specializing in synthesis of super hard materials R&D, production and manufacturing , Our company focuses on synthetic diamond, cubic nitride diamond blade saw, hot pressing sintering diamond blade saw, diamond grinding block, elastic grinding block, diamond wheel and resin series wheel ,glass industry are widely used in ceramics tile industry, glass industry etc, Beijing Bethel always puts its quality of products as the number one priority. The three main values of our company are Integrity, Efficiency & Innovation. With these three values we hope to create a trustworthy brand by providing reliable and top quality product to our valuable customers . Together We Create the World Brilliant Product!

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Beijing Bethel Superhard Material Co.,Ltd
Contact person: Yu Deng Jun (G.M)
Tel: 0086 10 87564406
Fax: 0086 10 87564338
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